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When contemplating your options you should contact an experienced attorney. At the Law Office of Christian DiCicco, we offer a free legal consultation. We can help you eliminate your credit card debts, expensive medical bills and stop harassing calls from debt collectors. Learn how to stop lawsuits and prevent devastating bank levies. Learn how a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop the repossession of your vehicle and save your home from foreclosure. Get out of debt, keep your property and enjoy peace of mind.

At the Law Office of Christian DiCicco, Mr. DiCicco will personally lead you through the complete process from beginning to end. He will be by your side every step of the way. Don’t be fooled by other firms where you meet with the attorney once and then your case is passed off to a legal assist to complete. Mr. DiCicco will handle your case from your free initial consultation to the discharge of your case.

Our Philosophy: We understand that it is not always convenient for our clients to take time off of work to come in for a consultation, so we offer appointments after normal business hours and on Saturdays, and can provide telephone consultations when necessary. Let us help you understand your rights under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Get out of debt, keep your property and enjoy peace of mind.

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Bankruptcy Myths

(Don't be fooled by these common misconceptions about filing bankruptcy)

I'll never be able to get credit again.

This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about bankruptcy; in fact, in many instances, it may help you rebuild your credit. Once you file for bankruptcy most of your debts will be dischargeable, and with the discharge your income to debt ratio will improve drastically which will actually help you in the long run. Also once you file you will soon be getting credit card offers again. These credit cards will most likely have low limits and high interest rates, but the use of these cards will help you to start rebuilding your credit score and you will soon be on your way to having good credit again.

Bankruptcy Myths

I will lose all my possessions if I file for bankruptcy.

This is absolutely false. In fact, you may be able to keep everything you own. Each state has its own set of exemptions (laws that outline what you are allowed to keep when you file for bankruptcy). You should ask an experienced attorney for more information on what assets you may retain.

Bankruptcy Myths

I can only file for bankruptcy once.

This is not true, you can file for a Chapter 7 every 8 years and there are different rules for Chapter 13's. You should contact an experienced attorney for more clarification.

Bankruptcy Myths

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We Are Here To Provide Debt Relief

We Are Here To Provide Debt ReliefIf your bills, living expenses, and financial obligations keep piling up month after month without any relief in sight, it may be time to evaluate your financial circumstance and consider talking to an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Philadelphia, PA about your options. Bearing growing debt may give you the sense that you do not have any recourse but to keep doling out minimum payments every month. However, that is a fallacy. Even if you are deep in substantial debt, there is hope. At the Law Office of Christian A. DiCicco, we have years of experience helping clients climb out of debt and reach financial stability. We provide viable solutions to debt relief that includes immediate reprieve from harassing creditors, foreclosure, eviction, judgments, wage garnishments, repossession, lawsuits, and debt collection.

At the Law Office of Christian A. DiCicco, we understand that going through a financial hardship is one of the most difficult situations that you and your family can face. Our team of professionals have assisted and guided countless individuals and families obtain peace of mind by advising them on the debt solution that best fits their particular situation. Every financial journey is unique. As such, we strive to listen to our clients’ desired economic goals and aim to help them achieve them. With the guidance of a knowledgeable Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney on your side, accomplishing a healthy financial standing can be attainable. Read More

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A: Mr. Caldwell’s answer is correct. I would add, generally speaking, taking money out of a 401(k) is a terrible financial move.
A: An experienced bankruptcy lawyer could file an emergency Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition within a couple of hours of meeting with you . I have filed cases in less than an hour before sheriff sales were scheduled.
A: A judgment can only be entered by the Court after a claim is filed and hearing held. The statute of limitations is an affirmative defense your could use to defeat a claim. While a bankruptcy would certainly stop any collectors from pursuing their debts, it may be unnecessary for you to to file. Further, you may not be a good candidate to file. You should consult with an experienced and honest bankruptcy attorney. Most, like me, offer free consultations.
A: Sounds like a veiled attempt to collect a discharged debt in violation of the Code. You should talk to your BK lawyer.
A: Not only may it not be an option, the Trustee may object to a conversion to Ch. 13 and force the sale of your home. Filing a bankruptcy without an experienced bankruptcy lawyer may cause you to lose your home. Please don’t do it!

We Are Here To Provide Debt Relief.
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